Welcome to the cortexCloud

We offer an amazing database with a framework of tools for a quick setup and development

Try our sandbox for free with an empty or a demo database

About cortexDB

Any time any information

The CortexDB is a NoSQL database, a universal application and a set of tools. Developers and users rely so very easy and fast to data analysis, new ideas and other requirements.

  • Index - unique index schema for universal usage
  • Documents - dynamic schema for datasets
  • Graphs - graphs like in a graphdb with easy query functionality
  • Bi-Temporal - dataset transaction time and validity time per value
  • Multi-Value - optional usage of a field for several values

Our sandbox setup

We offer a free setup for developers and testing


virtual Linux Machine

We offer a linux machine with configuration for your tests and development. If you like, we can switch to a bigger one for more data or for your final application.


empty or demo data

If you know the CortexDB, you can start with an empty database. Or take a demo database with a complete data modell and demo data for an easy and quick start.


standard application

Of course you have access to the standard application UniPlex. Configure a complete data model with all functions you need and use them via HTTP API.


dataservice for json-objects

Use the HTTP API dataservice for your application. No matter whether it's a web app or a native app: it's easy to use the json objects for your use case.

Take a look at the UniPlex

The UniPlex is our great standard application. With this amazing tool it is possibile to configure the datamodel, user roles and data views for the HTTP API.


At first, you create the fields and dataset types to use them in the application or via HTTP API. Create the fields you need, put them into dataset types and create the dataset templates - that's it.

Default selections

After the basics with fields and dataset types you can create default selections - if you like. It's easy to configure the portal function for selecting datasets to use them in the HTTP API.


Views can be easy or complex. It's up to you. The list function in the uniplex is the basic functionality to serve the views for the HTTP API - as JSON object for a list, a pivot or d3.js

User roles

The HTTP API considers the configured user roles for functions, datasets and fields.